Our first full day in France we spend in the coastal town of Saint Nazaire at the mouth of the Loire River.

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FRANCE – Exploring Saint Nazaire on the Coast – 4k Virtual Treadmill Tour

Operation Chariot Memorial during virtual Walk
Operation Chariot Memorial and petanc/boules court

We have made it to France. Our first stop is in Saint Nazaire. We’re excited to start our big bike ride to Switzelrand but we’re taking a day to reset our internal clocks after the flight.

Saint Nazaire is a quiet, charming little sea-side town of about 80K at the mouth of the Loire Valley. In addition to its history as a port, and perhaps because of it, St Nazaire has some exciting stories which I try to summarize in this walk.

Front of Submarine Pens from World War Two where we start our virtual citywalk
Submarine Pens that dominate this part of the port house the tourist info office and museum ticket booths

We start out at the Submarine Pens from WWII and our hotel on this sunny day in the beginning of May. I’ll tell you the story of those pens as well as of the daring Operation Chariot as we walk around the port. If you ever visit, know that the story of operation Chariot is told by several displays around the marina.

Sunken sailing ship with mast out of water during citywalk
I never found out the story behind this sunken sail boat

After the port area, we cross a draw bridge (after a brief wait for it to let a boat through that I edited out for time) and head over to the beach and residential area. It’s afternoon and local residents are out with their families enjoying the sunshine and open space.

The Beach and Residential Areas

Beach area with trees and houses midway along our virtual walking tour
Beach and trees with some restaurants and ice cream shop

I make my way up to the World War 1 Memorial and share some info about that period in the town’s history as well. The Nazis actually destroyed the original memorial but the community rebuilt it. I really liked the statue out on the water and the pedestrian and bike paths made me happy that people are willing to invest in these things.

World War One Memorial in Saint Nazaire, France as seen during virtual walk
Very cool memorial for World War One

After the beach I walked inland a bit to see some of the neighborhoods there and ventured past the local cathedral. The church itself is nice but two murals occupy walls on either side of the street that I found fascinating and a bit haunting. If you watch this channel a lot, you probably know I enjoy a good mural and public art.

Cathedral in evening light with a mural during city walk
I do love a good mural and I was surprised to find these next to the church

I hope you enjoy this virtual walk through Saint Nazaire in Pays de Loire. Keep on Steppin’ -H

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