Where does all that red sandstone go as it erodes? Some of it goes to the shores of Sand Hollow State Park and its brilliant beaches.

The Treadmill Virtual Walking Tour:

4K Nature Walks – Red Sand Beach in Sand Hollow State Park in Utah – Patreon Beach Walk – 4K City Walks

We visited family down in Utah this weekend and we took a day to go to the red sandy beached Sand Hollow State Park. It’s a reservoir, lake, and popular place to go shred some trails with ORVs (off road vehicles). They were having some sort of rally but in this video for treadmill we mostly stick to the pleasant, quiet beach. We see coots and ruddy ducks in the water and the unbelievably saturated colors of Utah’s red sandstone and blue skies and waters.

Wave runners on trailers as seen on a virtual walking tour in Utah
Big spaces mean big toys and these wave runners get some use

They created the park for recreation and people like to take their wave runners on the water and ATVs out on the sand. We’ll see lots of tire tracks but that’s ok. We also do take a quick run up to the parking lot to see what’s going on up there for the rally. But, I then take you back to the red sandy beach. So beautiful. -H

Fall foliage on red sand beach in Sand Hollow State Park in Utah
Despite the motor vehicles, nature still, as always, triumphs

Wikipedia: Sand Hollow State Park is a state park located in Utah, USA, featuring a 1,322-acre (535 ha) reservoir and an extensive off highway vehicle recreation area on Sand Mountain. The park is near the town of Hurricane.

The park was officially dedicated in April 2003 and surrounds the Sand Hollow Reservoir. Sand Hollow quickly became a popular site for camping, fishing, boating, and ATV riding on nearby sand dunes. Utah.com: Sand Hollow is a very popular, very scenic state park near St George in SW Utah. It offers a warm-water reservoir, sandy beaches and red rock; an access tunnel to Sand Mountain provides ATV trails through the sand dunes. Sand Hollow Reservoir’s warm water makes it ideal for skiing and other water sports. Anglers fish for bass, bluegill, crappie, and catfish. Nearby attractions include St George City, Quail Creek State Park and Red Cliffs BLM Recreation area. Zion National Park is within an easy driving distance.

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ORVs pass parked trucks on road next to reservoir in Sand Hollow State Park in Utah
ORVs pass quickly on our Virtual walking tour

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