Barn in Evening Light in Seeley Lake
Winter evening light in Seeley Lake adds to the charm

If you like world virtual walking trails videos, you probably haven’t even heard about Seeley Lake, MT. Well this is your chance to take a quick virtual walk through the town in winter.  The air is cold but the light is golden and the town quiet in the off season.

Seeley Lake Montana Winter Walking Tour – 4K – City Walks – Virtual Walk Treadmill Walking Scenery

Seeley Lake is a tiny little town in western Montana and lies about an hour from Missoula. We take a late afternoon tour through this tiny little lumber and tourist town. It’s not quite a nature walk but it might as well be and is a great virtual walks for treadmill to help pass the time of your cardio exercise. We get close to a few deer wandering around in the snowy village as the sun sets behind white snow covered mountains. This virtual walking tour was the last walk of a long day filming.

Deer next to a log cabin in winter
Seeley Lake is so quiet in winter the deer don’t hesitate to come into town.

Seeley Lake is near Ovando, MT as well; a little town where I lived when I was young. Now it’s a place for winter cross country skiing, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and ice fishing in the winter, and of course, one of our newest walking tours for treadmill. In the summer, when the lake isn’t frozen, we’ve been swimming, camping, and hiking. They even have a great little family music festival.

Grizzly Jack Trapper statue in seeley lake montana
Grizzly Jack statue by the main drag on our virtual walks

The town sits beside the 1,031.5 acres lake Seeley Lake. The population was 1,659 in 2010, an increase from its population of 1,436 in 2000.

The community of Seeley Lake is named for Jasper B. Seely who built a cabin on what was in 1881 known as Clearwater Lake. Seely served as the first ranger on the Lewis and Clarke Forest Reserve. The first road to Seeley Lake came in 1895.

You can click through to see a snowy VR sleigh ride.


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