Snake River Canyon was formed by the Snake River in the Magic Valley region of southern Idaho. It’s a pretty dramatic geologic feature with plenty of public lands and access to enjoy recreating in it. And, it’s right outside Twin Falls.

Snake River Canyon in winter
Even in winter, the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail offers some great views

4K City Walks – Walking Snake River Canyon Trail – Twin Falls Idaho – Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk

The Snake River Canyon rim trail takes you along the rim of the Snake River Canyon outside of Twin Falls, ID. It’s honestly one of the best things to do in Twin Falls Idaho. The trail starts (or ends in our case) at Shoshone Falls State Park. There are many canyon overlooks along the trail. We will start at snake river canyon Evel Knievel jump site. Back in the 70’s, the news headlines read Evel Knievel jumps the Snake River Canyon…only he didn’t. He didn’t make it across but he did survive. We start at the remnants of his jump and walk back towards Shoshone Park along the paved trail, with a mostly gradual downhill grade. It’s mostly paved as well. There are many snake river overlooks as I mentioned along the snake river canyon rim trail and it’s one of our favorite Twin Falls hike. Snake river Idaho views are great. It’s a powerful river when it runs high, though this day it was cold but sunny, and the flow was fairly low. Shoshone Falls is only a few minutes from downtown and the highway exit. It’s an easy hike and easy to find. There was no entrance fee when we were there in February. In summer, definitely take your sunscreen.

Evel Kineval famous ramp
the famous ramp from the famous jump

The Snake Canyon forms part of the boundary between Twin Falls County and Jerome County. The canyon is up to 500 feet and 0.25 miles wide, and runs for just over 50 miles long. Perrine Bridge spans the canyon just outside of the city. Shoshone Falls is about 5 miles east of Perrine Bridge. The canyon continues through Glenns Ferry and south of Boise, making it longer than 50 miles in length. The canyon’s value as a farming area diminished after irrigation projects made agriculture practical in the surrounding areas in the early 20th century. Today the canyon floor is a tourist attraction and features several parks and golf courses. In the past it was generally believed the Snake River Canyon was created by a cataclysmic flood caused by water released from Lake Bonneville 15,000 years ago. However, as of 2000, geologists believe that while the canyon was shaped by the flood, its basic structure predated it The canyon is perhaps most famous as the site of an unsuccessful 1974 attempt by Evel Knievel to jump across it in the Skycycle X-2 rocket. The dirt ramp built for that jump is still there and remains a tourist attraction along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. On September 16, 2016, stuntman Eddie Braun successfully jumped the canyon using technology similar to that used by Evel Knievel 42 years previously.

Woman looks at Snake River Canyon
Great Views along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail

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