Take a beautiful nature walk in the falling snow in Montana

Ousel Falls Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – City Walks – Scenic Walking Videos Treadmill

We are back near Big Sky Montana and we take you on a beautiful snowy virtual walk along the trail to Ousel Falls. This trail was busy for Montana but it was worth it to see the waterfall in snow. During the second half, the weather thickened and it started blowing and dumping snow and was so beautiful. The treadmill walking scenery in this video includes snowy forests and creeks as well as an ice wall and a frozen waterfall. We navigate some steep sections on this nature trail and virtual hike but I was wearing my Yak Trax (affiliate but NOT sponsored) and so I had good footing. Virtual walks for treadmill are a great way to burn some calories and anxiety for fitness and calm during quarantine lockdowns. If you have any suggestions for more virtual hikes and walking tours for treadmill in and around Montana, please put them in the comments below. Creating these virtual treadmill walking scenery and walking tours for treadmill is a lot of fun and great exercise but I also get a lot of motivation and joy from your comments so please let me know what you think in the comments section below. -Henry

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