Take a Winter nature walk in the Mountains.

Hyalite Treadmill Walking Video

Winter Walk in Snowy Mountains in Montana – Hyalite Virtual Travel Walking Scenery

Snowy Parking lot at Hyalite Reservoir at start of winter virtual walk
Hyalite get’s used year round but much less so in the winter.

Today we take you back to Hyalite Reservoir for a wintery snowy nature walk. It’s a beautiful area nestled in the mountains near Bozeman, MT. I love walking on these snowy trails and the views up Hyalite Canyon thrill the spirit. It’s cold but the sun is shining as we start out in the parking lot next to the reservoir. We see plenty of other cars but many of them are out ice fishing.

Sun shines through trees on icy pond during virtual walk in winter
This is a shallow pond where you can sometimes see animals in summer

There’s not much talking after the first few minutes, just the sounds of nature and fellow walkers on this lovely nature trails. We see some hikers and even some bikers using the shadowy trail but mostly it’s calm and relaxing. We do get a few glimpses through the trees to the folks out on the frozen lake. The sun is shining through the trees and the snow is still powdery.

snowy path leading into winter mountain during virtual walk in nature
Looking up Hyalite canyon as the sun hangs low in the south

As we reach the end of our virtual walk, the trees end and we get some jaw dropping views of the sun trying to set behind the rugged Gallatin mountains. I love this view because it surprises me every time as I emerge from the trees. I like it even more with the ice crystals sparkling along the trail. Enjoy this relaxing nature treadmill video scenery walking track. Keep on Steppin’ -Henry

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