Snowy road on the way up to Suce Creek
It’s hard to imagine driving on this snowy road

Snowy walks can be challenging but the quiet of the woods makes up for it.

Livingston Montana USA – April 20 – Suce Creek Road – Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk – 4K City Walks

It’s still too snowy to hike the actual trail but in today’s 4k Nature walk, we take you along the access road to the Suce Creek trail head. Suce Creek is about 15-20 minutes from town and very nice, accessible trail. The views of the valley and forest are wonderful and the sounds of early spring are delightful. We see no bears, which is good because I forgot my bear spray.

Suce creek is on the east side of Paradise Valley. Montana is lucky to have so much public lands in which to get away and get exercise. We hope you enjoy this morning walk in Montana.

We love this trail because we used to take our boys to the creek to play. They could throw rocks and pick flowers and generally have a good  ‘ol toddler time in the summer. These days we try to go up once a winter and have a fire with friends at the trail head fire pits provided by the National Forest Service.

Snowy road during virtual nature walking tour in Montana
Snowy roads can be a good option for easy nature hikes in winter


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