Winter Virtual Walking Tour Through Livingston, MT

I thought I’d just done a Livingston walk but realized that was back in June. I’ve done a couple other local nature walks with fall colors but the weather has finally switched and we’ve gotten a little snow storm and some single digit temps. Therefore, I thought I’d give you a quick taste of winter to show off our little town in the beauty of the snow. It’s also a little different because many of the trees got caught with their leaves still on so we get the snow contrasted with oranges and even greens.

The Walking Tour:

As usual, we start out downtown with its restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. I just love the historic buildings of this classic western railroad town. We cross over Park Street (aka hwy 89) the main traffic artery through town, and check out the old Depot Center. We pass by a tree covered in red berries that contrasts with the snow reminiscent of Christmas. We go down through a park that strangely doesn’t have a name but is part of the Christmas lighting later in the year.

Tree with red berries next to the depot center
The berries of this tree reminded me of Christmas in Austrial

After that, we turn down Yellowstone Street and head towards the river. This is the street where the wealthier railroad employees and others built their nicer homes back in the day. It’s also prominent during Halloween as I explain in the video. It has such an idyllic beauty to it and since it’s a Saturday, it barely has any traffic and I can walk you right down the middle of the street.

Mansion in Livingston
Fine homes on Yellowstone Avenue

Finally, We cross the stone bridge over the “lagoon” to the Yellowstone which keeps open water for the ducks and geese. Such a beautiful walk today and I’m glad you could join me. All the best and keep on Steppin’ -Henry

Looking out over the yellowstone river at the Absaroka mountains in snow
I’ve lived here almost 20 years and I’m still not tired of this view

More Walks around Livingston:

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