We haven’t walked on Bozeman’s Peets Hill in awhile and we had a nice day. I figured let’s do this and save Sourdough for next time.

Video for Treadmill Virtual Walk:

Peets Hill Bozeman Montana Virtual Walking Tour – 4k City Walks Video for Treadmill

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Well, I was all set to take you up to Sourdough trail but as I drove past Peets Hill I remembered that it’s been awhile. And, since it’s such a beautiful clear day with lots of happy little dogs running around, I thought this might be more fun. I’ll get up to Sourdough another time.

Bozeman Public Library where we start our Virtual citywalks
The Bozeman Public Library marks the start of our virtual walking tour this week

I start this walk on Main Street in front of the Bozeman Public Library. You could also start over in Lindley park and make your way through the cemetery too. However, the Main Street to the Mountains trail starts here and has a little sign and some public statues. It also loops a bit into Lindley so we get a view of that.

A great view point at the southern part of the trail overlooks Bozeman
I love finding a good overlook for these citywalks

The MSTTM trail splits off at the Peets Hill parking lot and we head up the hill here. The footing can be dicey here if it ices up but we had mud and soft snow so the going was easy. At the top, you get some views of the surrounding mountains and Bozeman stretching out to the west.

Walkers and their dogs on Peets Hill trail in Bozeman, Montana
Happy dogs with their happy walkers on our virtual treadmill walk

Once you’ve gotten to the top, the trail has a gentle incline to the south with lots of side routes over by the edge of the bench. It’s a very popular trail for locals who bring their dogs up for some shared exercise. You’ll also get a few different views of the mountains, the Bozeman Hospital, and the MSU campus.

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