A high altitude hike between small towns in the Dolomites. We get some clouds, some cows, and a cat but also some nice views.

The Sopra Bolzano Virtual Walking Video For Treadmill:

Dolomites of Italy Calming Walking Tour – Sopra Bolzano – 4K City Walks – Virtual Treadmill Workout

Homes in Sopra Bolzano Italy on a cloudy day where city walks live
The rainy day turned sunny for our virtual walking tour to Sopra Bolzano

We’ve arrived in Bolzano / Bozen in the Italian Dolomites. This lovely city has the look of the Alps and could almost be in Bavaria, Switzerland, or Austria. Northern Italy used to be part of Austria-Hungary before World War I and so the cities and towns have both German and Italian names now. In some places they have names in Ladin. We’ll be in a Ladin area when we get to Oritsei (see below).

alpine style barns with cloudy dolomite mountains behind on our virtual walking tours
I loved walking past old Alpine style buildings and farms.

But, before I show you around the beautiful city itself, we took a gondola up to the are known as Sopra Bolzano or Ober Bozen (literally, Over Bolzano). They have a fun little small gauge rail line that goes about three miles up to another little town called Collalbo / Klobenstein and from there we hiked back. This walk starts once I found the trail from there all the way back to the Gondola. The day started out rainy but turned sunny and beautiful very quickly.

Old wooden bridge over forest stream in the dolomites
Cute bridge over a calm stream. City walks live in our library of searchable virtual tours

I really enjoyed the wooded path on this walk. While rural, it had some amazing views of the mountains as well as the occasional home and farm with classic old fences and barns. I even came across a cat and a telephone booth. Also, a fun wooden bridge and I hope you enjoy this walk with spectacular views through the hills above Bolzano. I’ve got a lot more walks from northern Italy to share in the coming weeks so keep on steppin’ -H

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