We loved the Red Rock formations of the park and it’s so accessible from St. George, Utah.

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George Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park – Desert Walking Trail and Nature Walk – City Walks

Today we bring you a Virtual Nature Walk instead of our usual city walks. It’s from just outside of St. George Utah. It’s a wonderful state park called Snow Canyon State park. This is just one little trail in the park. We start out at the end of Johnson Canyon with it’s lovely shadows, spring, and autumn colors (still fall in the desert). We picked a pleasant quiet day for this little virtual walking excursion.

family hiking in Snow Canyon State Park outside of St George, Utah
The trail went into a beautiful canyon

We make our way back out to the main road past another canyon that we can look down into. The red rocks are striking and it’s a beautiful quiet day. The park has a bunch of other beautiful, short, and easy hikes including the petrified sand dunes that were fun to run around on and examine the enchanting patterns. I hope you enjoy the latest of our virtual walking trails! -Henry

Family sitting on the Red Rocks of Snow Canyon State park after filming virtual walking tours
A wave of solid red sand stone is another place for a good walk in the park

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Wikipedia Information:

Snow Canyon State Park is a state park in Utah, located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. The park features a canyon carved from the red and white Navajo sandstone of the Red Mountains, as well as the extinct Santa Clara Volcano, lava tubes, lava flows, and sand dunes. Snow Canyon is located near the cities of Ivins and St. George in Washington County. Snow Canyon State Park contains several sandstone canyons cut in the Red Mountains. On the north end of the park, West Canyon and Snow Canyon follow a parallel southward path and converge in the middle of the park. The park then continues south-by-southeastward as a single, larger canyon, that opens near the park’s southern entrance out onto the Santa Clara bench near Ivins, Utah.

A paved two-lane road enters the park from Ivins on the south, winds up the canyon, then climbs the eastern edge to the bench above Snow Canyon. There the road joins State Route 18. The park boundaries extend northeastward across State Route 18 to encompass two cinder cones along the western edge of Diamond Valley.

The highest point in the park, is a 5,024-foot peak west of the southern cinder cone, above the eastern edge of the east fork of Snow Canyon.

Snow Canyon was designated a state park in 1958, and was one of the first inclusions in the state park system, created the year before. In 1959, the area of the park grew from the donation of 296 acres from Washington County to the State Parks Commission, and was subsequently increased with the purchases of nearby ranches. Originally called Dixie State Park, it was later renamed for Lorenzo and Erastus Snow, prominent pioneering Utah leaders.

The park was first opened to the public in 1962. During the 1960s the park continued to grow via additional land purchases as well as the transfer of nearly 4,000 acres of federal land from the Bureau of Land Management to the State of Utah.


ST George: St. George is a city in and the county seat of Washington County, Utah, United States. Located in southwestern Utah on the Arizona border. The city lies in the northeastern most part of the Mojave Desert, adjacent to the Pine Valley Mountains and near the convergence of three distinct geologic areas and ecoregions: the Mojave Desert, Colorado Plateau, and the Great Basin. The city is 118 miles northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, and 300 miles south-southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah, on Interstate 15.

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