Stillwater River Trail Virtual Walk – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – Montana 4K Hike

This 3.5 mile virtual hike from the Trailhead to Sioux Charlie “lake” takes you a little over an hour but the views are stunning! I LOVE this trail. Very windy but oh so beautiful. We did this hike as a family (see Instagram channel) last week and it was my first time. I was blown away and knew I’d have to film it for you guys. We start out at the gorge right near the trailhead and walk along the river with sculpted ice falls, then up to a rise with views up the valley showing the sun on the snowy jagged peaks, and finally ending up out on the thick clear ice of the lake formed in a flat section of the river. You can find the trailhead about an hour south of Columbus on hwy 78 then take a right on 419 after Absarokee. You will pass the Stillwater mine and then only need to go a couple miles further. This virtual nature hike and nature trail is the outbound leg. I also filmed the return leg with different views and another nearby trail called Woodbine Falls. I hope you enjoy this walk at home treadmill walking scenery. My legs are still tired from this treadmill video!

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