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This week we return to Suce Creek, just outside of Livingston for a virtual nature walk. I’ve wanted to show you guys the aspen leaves in autumn up here for a long time. I’m a bit on the tail end but I still caught some nice vibrant colors in the various copses of trees. The willow bushes, snowberry, and various grasses are adding to nature’s lovely palette this year as we are getting a glorious fall color show. Though it lacks the dramatic water fall of Pine Creek and the views of Deep Creek, we love hiking Suce Creek. It has a special place in our hearts and family history.

Hunters at a mountain trail head
Hunting season means extra precautions

This weekend is also opening day for rifle season for big game. We’ll see a couple of hunters heading out to try their luck for elk and deer. It’s one of the reasons this walk is a bit shorter than most. While it means taking some extra precautions to make sure you are visible, it’s perfectly safe to hike during hunting season. I’m so glad I caught some of the changing leaves for you this year. I’m hoping to get more traveling in as we move into winter. -Henry

View of Suce Creek Valley
Some subtle but beautiful views

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