Taos, NM City Walks – Stop Boring Treadmill Workout Habit ; Your New Way to Enjoy Cardio Workouts

Welcome to TAOS, NEW MEXICO! Taos surprised me with its small stature. It has only about 6400 residents but tons of charm. I walked on a cold January afternoon so the city didn’t have a whole lot of bustle to it. We stayed in the historic Taos Inn, right around the corner of the Kit Carson Home and Museum and the Town Plaza. We had some really good food there as well at a Mexican restaurant. The next day, we went over to the Pueblo which we really enjoyed. That has been occupied for nearly a 1000 years. I didn’t film that area because I didn’t have permission to film on private property. However, this walk, while short, has a lot of flavor and color to it as well.

Taos was founded way back in 1619 by the Spanish although indigenous peoples had been using the area for millennia. The town wasn’t actually incorporated though until 1934. The typical adobe architecture dominates the central area. Kit Carson is buried nearby and DH Lawrence had a ranch outside of town for awhile.

The Fiestas de Taos is an annual party held in the Taos Plaza. It honors the feast of the two patron saints of Taos, Santa Ana and Santiago. Normally, it is celebrated the third weekend of July. I imagine it is hot but Taos is pretty high up so maybe not. A commemorative mass and procession from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church officially opens the event on Friday evening, followed with the crowning of the Fiestas Queen. The celebration includes musical and dance performances scheduled on the plaza every hour. There are Two parades: a children’s parade on Saturday and the larger Fiesta Parade on Sunday

I hope you enjoy this short little virtual treadmill walking tour through Taos, NM. Watching treadmill scenery go by can give you that optical flow that will help with relaxation as well as providing an enjoyable distraction from a dull workout.

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