Immediately after our first walk, I went back to the river and started filming the second for you.

Tours Treadmill Walking Video

FRANCE 4K: Second Tours Walking Video for Treadmill – Medieval City on Loire River 60p

The flooded Loire River at Tours at beginning of our virtual walk
The Loire in Flood while city walks live

In my second virtual walk through Tours, France I start out by the Loire River which has slipped it’s banks. I walk you along the shaded path a bit and then go up to Rue Nationale and head to the Chateau de Tours. The Rue Nationale crosses the Loire River and shoots straight as an arrow up the hill to the north.

Looking north along Rue nationale in Tours during a virtual walking tour where city walks live
Looking north along Rue Nationale, straight as an arrow

After the Chateau, I’ll take you over to the beautiful Cathédrale Saint-Gatien. As I take you inside, I’ve had to play with the audio since the music set off the copyright flag on Youtube. It was a Sunday and services were in session so I didn’t linger too long.

Inside Cathédrale Saint-Gatien as light streams in during our citywalk live
The angelic light streams into Cathédrale Saint-Gatien during services

From there, I head south to the beautiful train station. It’s clean and modern with a couple of cafes. I really enjoyed the beauty of such a building. Usually something as prosaic as a transportation hub wouldn’t get such attention but it really is beautiful.

The Gare De Tours train station on a virtual walking tour
The beautiful train station

A short walk down the leafy Boulevard do Béranger takes me to the magnificent Hotel de Ville of Tours. Designed by the same architect that gave us the lovely train station and what is now the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, Victor Laroux.
It’s a busy square and intersection with access to Old Tours where we filmed our first virtual walk. I hope you enjoy this one as well. Keep on Steppin’ -Henry

The Tours Hotel de Ville at the end of our treadmill walking tour
The beautiful Tours Hotel de Ville

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