We’ve made it to Tours despite our de-tour (see what I did there) to Poitiers for a night.

The Tours Video for Treadmill Walking

FRANCE in 4K: Explore Medieval Tours on Loire River – Virtual Treadmill Walking Video

We’d planned an off day in Tours but ended up with one in Poitiers, one traveling and touring, and one in Tours. The day after Poitiers, we took the train back to Tours, rode across town to our hotel and stashed our bikes. We then caught a quick train out to Chenonçeau.

Chenonceau castle over river
Chenonceau is like a fairy tale castle. I wish I could have filmed a walk there.

Chenonçeau is a medieval castle built over a river. You’ve probably seen photos of it. While I couldn’t film a walk there, we did really enjoy our visit. Despite the crowds, we really enjoyed exploring the immaculate castle and grounds. We ended up catching a bus back b/c the only train back wasn’t until late.

People enjoying market in Tours, France
I walk us through a lively street market on our virtual walk

However, this is a walking video of Tours and its old town. I loved this part of the city. It has so many wonderful medieval houses and narrow streets that you feel you are back in time.
I start the virtual tour out walking you down one of these streets but quickly make my way over to a weekend outdoor market and then into the local Les Halles indoor market.

Horse drawn carriage on Tours Street during our virtual walking tour
A horse drawn tour in Tours near the tower of Charlemagne

I then walk down past a couple of towers dating back to Charlemagne. The bells ring out as we pass a hurdy gurdy man and a horse drawn carriage clops by. I’ll give you some history and other facts that I managed to pick up. As usual I’ll point out interesting tidbits and look in shop windows as we go.

Street Tram on Rue Nationale in Tours midway through the citywalk
Tram on Rued Nationale

Eventually, I come out on Rue Nationale, a beautiful upscale pedestrian way with tram tracks and high end shops. The line leads over the river to the north but we make a left back into Old Town. We explore as we go and find all the beautiful cafes in the historic Place Plumereau which sits amid those half-timbered medieval houses.

Old buildings in Place Plumereau
I love walking amongst these old medieval buildings.

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