Explore the downtown and neighborhoods of little Townsend, MT

Townsend Montana – 4K City Walks – Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill Walk Scenery Walking Tour

Montana is full of quaint little towns, each with their own special character. Today we take you on a walking tour of Townsend, MT. Townsend, Montana is a small town on highway 287 between Three Forks and Helena at the head of Canyon Ferry Lake (a reservoir) on the Missouri River. Also, highway 12 intersects with Hwy 287 right where we begin our walk. That route leads over to White Sulphur Springs. These little towns have a lot of character and history. Townsend started out as a town feeding the miners in the area.

Townsend has a population of about 1800 people. Lewis and Clark passed through on the voyage of discovery in 1805. The first European settlers were homesteaders and Civil War veterans in search of gold. They did not arrive until the late 1860s. In 1883, a rail stop was established to serve shops supporting gold mining in the region. Townsend was named by railroad officials in honor of the wife of Charles Barstow Wright, president of the Northern Pacific (1875–1879). Her name was Susan Townsend. Perhaps the most famous son of Townsend is Patrick Duffy who starred in Dallas in the 1980’s.

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