We take a cold weather walk on the Triple Tree Trail outside of Bozeman, MT on a cold afternoon just before sunset.

The Treadmill Walking Video:

Triple Tree Trail Virtual Walk – Virtual Walking Trails and Treadmill Walking Scenery – Montana 4K

Evening light on hiking trail with snow and golden grass next to jack leg fence
The light on this virtual walk makes my hear sing

Brrrr. It’s cold but let’s get moving anyway. It’s New Years Eve and this weeks virtual walk is a winter version of Triple Tree Ranch. We walked with you here back in July on our summer series of virtual walks for treadmill. It had a few less people this time and it was much colder but still beautiful in this Montana winter. This trail is just outside of Bozeman Montana and so it’s one of the more popular spots to walk. We see a few dogs and a couple of runners.

Since it’s late afternoon, the light adds a ton of color. We start out with the setting sun on the golden grass contrasted with the white snow and end up with the purple light of evening in the trees as it just starts to get dark.

snowy woods and trail with orange sunset on horizon from virtual nature hike
The purples and magenta of sunset on our virtual walking tour in Bozeman

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