I love finding these little cities that aren’t on the main tourism track. It’s a great way to see what real life in Sweden is like.

Virtual Tours of Cities for Treadmill: Umeå

Umeå, Sweden – Northern University Town on a River – City Walks – Virtual Treadmill Scenery

Beautiful flowers in Umea, Sweden next to the river
So much nature in Umea, Sweden on our virtual tour

We stayed in Umeå, Sweden for a few weeks as a gateway to the north. I decided to take you through this old university town in Northern Sweden on a fine summer day. Umeå is easily accessible by train and by air and is home to Umeå University, established in 1965. In the summer, it stays light well into the evening.

Older building of a classic nordic style in Umea on our virtual city walk
City walks let me share so many cool details. I enjoyed seeing these different styles of buildings

The town has a wooded path along the Ume River and the town has many classic wooden Scandinavian homes. I really enjoyed seeing the different style of home in Sweden. The houses seemed similar enough to relate to but also a touch exotic.

The downtown area has many restaurants and hotels. It’s a lively little town of 75k people with nice public outdoor spaces, public parks, and cafe culture at 63 degrees north. Everyone is friendly and there is good public transportation and access. This day was particularly windy so the audio is challenging.

A city park in Umea on a summer day. City Walks live in our searchable library.
Filming virtual walking tours takes me to some beautiful nooks. This city park is just one of many inviting public spaces in town.

We had an Airbnb in the center of town near the train station. We could walk downtown in five minutes for Fika (afternoon coffee and cake). Our host family was amazing and welcoming and even invited us out to their summer cabin on a lake where we picked blueberries.

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