Walking the scenic back allies of Venice and the main tourist sites. Think about Italy instead of your workout.

Venice Italy Treadmill Entertainment – 4k City Walks – Scenic Virtual Tours of Cities

Ready for another walking tour of Venice, Italy? The most serene city continues to delight visitors as we explore starting from where the last walk left off. From the Chiesa di San Vidal, we make our way to the famous Rialto Bridge and then through the warren of streets. We mix in and out of crowds as we amble past restaurants, cafes, art galleries, churches and more.

One minute we are with the throngs; the next we are almost alone. We also see local families and kids as they enjoy their release from school in the campos. We watch Gondola’s navigating the canals in several different places. What better distraction from your cardio workout or simple walk at home exercise routine. I hope you enjoy this virtual treadmill walk as much as I enjoyed filming it. Keep on steppin’ -Henry

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