The Venice Virtual City Tour and Video for Treadmill:

Venice, Italy Treadmill Entertainment and Walking Tour – City Walks Virtual Treadmill Walk

The water gate to the Venice Armory with a bridge over the canal in Italy
The Venice City Walks live to serve. We start our virtual walking tour at the gates of the Venice Armory.

This is Our Fourth walk in Venice this week and we are still blown away. We start our walking tour by the famous Venice Armory. We make our way along the north end of the city and then all the way over to the Santa Lucia Train Station. Our tour takes us across a myriad of bridges over small canals, through several Campos, past at least one clock tower, and innumerable shops, restaurants, cafes and even a historical sign of vikings. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears and a good workout for anyone who wants to travel or walk at home exercise.

Crowds crossing the Ponte degli Scalzi in Venice during a virtual walking tour and city walk
The crowds access the Santa Lucia train station over the Ponte degli Scalzi or “Bridge of the barefeet”. I’d love to know the story behind that name.

I managed to film several other walks in Venice and left others un-filmed. The city earns its famous reputation. Despite its size, it feels intimate. Just wandering the labyrinth of streets excites the senses. While the main areas around St. Mark’s and the train station may teem with crowds from about 10am to 7pm, other areas stay fairly quiet. That is, until school gets out. Then the campos fill with families connecting and children playing together. The other Venice has resisted the gravitational pull towards becoming another theme park. It’s a city where community still exists if you give yourself the opportunity to explore a bit. Since, many of you can’t or just haven’t yet, I’m overjoyed to be your proxy walker, your co-discoverer on these virtual tours of cities. Keep on steppin’ -Henry

Quiet walkway next to a narrow canal in Venice, Italy as seen during a virtual walking tour
Not all the canals of Venice are crowded. Fun fact most “canals” are actually called rii or small waterways.


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