4K City Walks: Vienna Austria – Historic Old City Center – Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide & Tour

@TravelingMel takes you on a winding tour of the City Center in Vienna, Austria as she winds here way through the centrum. To begin with, she starts at the magnificent St Stephens Cathedral in Stephensplatz, along Grabenstrasse past the Column of Pest (Column of The Trinity), through some narrow medieval streets, to the Hofburg palace and the ancient roman walls there, into the Ferstel Passage, past the University of Vienna and the Rathaus. After that, she pass the parliament building we end up in Volksgarten where two accordionists in horsehead masks play for tango dancers. Yes, that’s right. Vienna is such a beautiful city.

The architecture is similar to Budapest which makes sense but much cleaner and with more trees. Happily, It was a sunny winter day in the capital of Austria which sits on the Danube river. It’s a fine city with many famous museums and hotels and restaurants. There are many activities for families and others to take advantage of in the largest city in Austria. The wind comes down from the Alps which makes things much colder. It’s easy to get around Vienna in the metro or ride shares.

If you’d like to see more of Vienna, Austria, you can experience a walk from the Ringstrasse to downtown and a virtual walk around the Hofburg Palace.

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