Take a river side winter nature walk in Montana!

Gallatin River Trail Virtual Hike – Montana Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill by City Walks

Today we take you on a virtual nature trail along the frosty, cold Gallatin River south of Bozeman, Montana. This trail is one of the lesser used Bozeman hiking trails but it is just across the river from the road and easily accessible from ample parking. Highway 191 runs between Belgrade and West Yellowstone along the Gallatin River. This Winter virtual walk gives lovely if cold looks at the river and mountains.

While the trail is just across the river from the road, the noise from cars is barely noticeable. The color of the water is green and blue and white. The trail is slippery in places but not too bad.

This virtual walk is not an actual city walk like the name implies but I’m branching out a bit since we have such great hiking trails in our area.  All the best and enjoy this walk at home exercise video for burning fat and fitness! Keep an eye out for the summer version of this trail as well (see below). -H

Take a summer time version of this walk.

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