Grotto Falls Trail virtual walk, Popular Bozeman Trail in Hyalite Canyon

Woman hiking with bernese mountain dog
Nothing like a good trail dog for a hiking companion

Hyalite Canyon gets popular in the summer because the trails and scenery are so dramatic. The mountains reach up with sheer walls and the trees offer welcome shade along the trail. You can smell the sun warmed sap and needles as you walk and listen to the gentle folding of the creek water as you hike.

The Virtual Hike:

We take a quick walk up one of the more popular trails near Bozeman to the beautiful Grotto Falls which is up Hyalite Canyon. It’s a great walk if you have pets or kids as this section is fairly gentle. The trail head is a couple of miles up the Hyalite Creek which flows into the reservoir. I’ve mentioned the Hyalite Creek on previous walks around the Reservoir.
It’s a beautiful day in the woods and people are out enjoying their weekend and the cool, cool water of the falls.

hyalite creek in the forest
The soothing sounds of moving water

Hyalite creek has lots of little waterfalls but Grotto Falls has more space to get down and appreciate the view. Also, it has some shallows where you can wade if you can take the cold, snow fed water. The trail itself continues on up the creek and deep into the National Forest and high up into the mountains. It’s a great hike if you have the time. Get started early though and be prepared.

This day had lots of other hikers out enjoying the cool water and warm weather. I hope you enjoy it too.

Soon enough we’ll be in Italy and filming walks in even more exotic locations. -H

Grotto Falls in Hyalite Canyon near Bozeman
It’s a welcome sight when the Grotto Falls come into view

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