360 VR – Mannlichen Switzerland Hike in the Jungfrau – 5K Virtual Treadmill Walk from the Royal Vue

I’ve got a couple of 360 Videos from last summer that I thought I’d share.You can click and drag the video around to change your view in this VR video.

In this Virtual Reality Treadmill Walk from the Royal Vue, I walk from the overlook of the Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald Valleys down to visit some iconic swiss cows grazing in the alpine meadows. This is the beginning of the Mannlichen hike video that has been very popular. It took me awhile to get this stabilized as I don’t have a great computer for these types of videos. If you don’t have VR goggles you can watch on your phone or tablet and look around by moving the tablet or using your finger to drag the image around. On a desktop, you can use your mouse to drag the image. Let me know what you think of these 360 Vids.
I enjoyed hiking the swiss alps and this is one of the best switzerland hikes around. Hope you enjoy it too.

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