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Hidden Valley virtual Walking Tour out West – 4k City Walks and Treadmill Walking Videos

Looking down the road towards the snowy mountains
Crisp cool morning in Montana makes for great virtual walking tours

Hello Walkers. This week’s walk takes us back to the beautiful Jackson Creek area. This Forest Service road takes off from the paved Jackson Creek road located just west of Bozeman Pass before you get to the canyon section of I-90.  This morning, we filmed the dirt road last August when the weather was much warmer.

This morning brings us clear skies and crisp cool autumn light for our virtual treadmill walk. It’s a fairly easy 2 mile walk past fields and willow lined creek and into the trees. We can see snow on the mountains but it’s all melted off “down” here. The altitude is probably around 5000 feet.

Jackson Creek canyon in Montana
Walking up into the mountains of Montana

We see young family walking as well and after I finished filming I saw several other walkers out stretching their leg. While the Alpacas weren’t close enough to get on film, I assure you the were there. I think they were leery of the family’s dog.

I love walking for exercise and fitness but I know it can be a challenge to motivate, especially when the weather isn’t ideal. Also, I hope this video and others helps you pass the time on your exercise machine of choice. Let me know what you think and keep on steppin’ -H

Cows in field
We see some cows on our virtual treadmill walking tour

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