Blowing snow in Montana Blizzard
We even film virtual walks in Blizzards

Walk through a snow storm in Montana in April! It’s a bit late for such a big storm, but also in Montana you always expect snow. The above shot is at the corner of Callender and 2nd. It shows the Wok, the Post Office, and the Empire theater. You can also see the Murray building in the background. The downtown has a ton of color which contrasts with the snow. In the evenings, the lights and neon signs just add to the charm of Livingston.

April Snow Storm Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk – 4K City Walks – Livingston Montana USA – April 11

It’s the day before Easter when I recorded this snowy Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk and the wind is whipping snow all around town as I take you on another virtual walk through Livingston, MT.  People here quip you should expect snow anytime between July 5th and July 4th. This was certainly not the last snow of the year for us but it was heavy. The thumbnail image includes the iconic giant trout on the outside of Dan Bailey’s fly shop and outdoor store. If you are in Livingston and need some outdoor knowledge or gear, stop in and ask. They love to share their knowledge. You can also walk through to Gil’s and the Murray for some great local food.

Mark's In and Out in a Snow Storm in Montana
It’s still a bit early for Mark’s to open but it looks good in a blizzard

There’s some wind noise as wind buffeted the mic a bit but the external recording system is still better than the camera alone. The day before was 60F but the temperatures plummeted and the snow blew in hard and fast creating this blizzard scenery. Enjoy this stormy walk through from the warmth of your home or gym. Thanks so much.

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Our little town consists of 8000 wonderfully unique people of all sorts. We have cowboys and poets and cowboy poets. We have chefs and artists and theater. Coffee shops and art galleries abound. Come by and explore! -Henry

Yellowstone River in blowing snow

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