Not a walk but an awesome dog sled adventure.

VR Dog Sledding Adventure in Big Fork Montana – Fast and Furriest – Winter VR Experience

Hi there, and welcome back to City Walks 360. Fortunately, over the last couple months I’ve filmed a few Non-walking 360 experiences that I thought I’d share. This one is from @BaseCampDogsledding (they post a lot on instagram at @basecampbigforkmt). The 360 camera worked and probably does the best job of capturing the fun and excitement of letting these dogs pull. My son is mushing and you can tell by the smiles and determined look on his face how much fun he was having. It was a wild ride and lasted a couple of hours. If you are ever in Big Fork, MT in the winter, I highly recommend the experience. So Fun. We filmed this on a trip for Glacier Country MT and we did a bunch of activities I didn’t film but there was so much to do. Check out @TravelingMelMT on insta and @travelingfilmmaker and @citywalks_virtualtravel on insta for more pics.

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