Porta Al Prato gate with Montepulciano in the morning sun
Porta Al Prato gate with Montepulciano in the morning sun

In the 1990’s I lived in Florence for about 5 months studying Italian. I took the chance to visit other towns in Tuscany and was excited to get back. We also stayed in Tuscany in our travels in 2016 but only made it over to Sienna from Florence. Beautiful but busy.

Boy looks out from the hills at Montepulciano in the distance
A. looks out from the hills at Montepulciano in the distance

We had some time between Venice and Ischia so we were able to fit in a couple nights in Montepulciano. We rented a VRBO apartment right near the Porto Al Prato which was ancient but updated with modern features. There are several hotels as well.

These hilltowns of Tuscany are every bit as beautiful as you see in photos but with smells and tastes and sounds to enrich everything to the Nth degree. This is what travel is all about, right? And speaking of food, definitely plan on eating out a couple of times. I really enjoyed going out for a coffee in the morning and sitting with a pastry while the town woke up. We also had pizza, gelato, and some wonderful dinners while there.

Montepulciano Walking Tour with Captions – 4k Montepulciano, Italy Treadmill Workout – City Walks

In this walking video, I stayed quiet as an experiment just to let the captions inform you. They are on by default but you can turn them off by clicking the CC button on the youtube player.

Houses of Montepulciano, Italy in the evening sun

Montepulciano is an ancient hill town that lies at the southern end of Tuscany. It was created for security atop a large block of rock. The region now holds its fame as a wine center. Among others, it’s known for producing Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. The little town has lots of wine tasting rooms and it’s very walkable, if you don’t mind a bit of slope. The modern town extends South West from the old town but we are focused on the classic part. This is the part most other tourists visit. We start at the old, main gate, the Porta Al Prato, and I take you up to the Piazza Grande and then back, exploring and discovering as we go. We also find a couple spectacular views out over the Tuscan countryside. I hope you enjoy this to walk at home with on your treadmill workout or whatever helps you get your steps. Cheers. -H

Gelato in a cone
Stracciatella gelato in a cone is as good as it looks

view of Tuscan countryside from Montepulciano with Canonica di San Biagio
Canonica di San Biagio sits below the town with autumn foliage and fields framing an idyllic view

Tourists walk the streets of Montepulciano
Walking the ancient streets of Montepulciano leads to lots of little discoveries and details you might otherwise miss.

Family sits at table in small restaurant in Montepulciano, Tuscany
Don’t forget to get something to eat.

View of the city building with bell tower in Montepulciano, Italy
Leading up to Piazza Grande in Montepulciano

Walking up the narrow stairs found in Montepulciano, Italy on our City Walk
I love finding the small details on our virtual city walks

View of the Tuscan Countryside from the top of Montepulciano during our City Walk live
The Tuscan countryside of Val D’Orcia in Italy

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