4K City Walks: Tallinn Estonia’s Medieval Old Town – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

In this Walking Treadmill Video you will walk through the amazingly preserved Medieval heart of Tallinn, Estonia. Medieval streets and alleyways wander in a senseless morass of a labyrinth but that just makes it more enjoyable. The old city walls still surround most of the old town. 40 ft high, they tower above you as you walk. The area bleeds history. From the market square and town hall to the Kiek in de Kok museum and the various cathedrals, including the onion domed Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the city welcomes you with its enchanting embrace. How’s that for poetry. I walked in the morning on this one and I had to try twice since I accidentally lost the footage from the first try. I also used my Sony with a wide angle lens to capture the tall buildings in the narrow streets. I hope you enjoy this walk. Tallinn, Estonia is a great city with lots to offer. This video is one of five that will be released over the next few days.
Thanks. -Henry

During our month in Tallinn, Estonia we filmed five walks (and more in Finland and Russia). Check them out:

Exploring Tallinn, Estonia’s Telliskivi Neighborhood
Walking through Kodriorg Park in Tallin, Estonia
Tallin’s Kodriorg Neighborhood Walk
Pirita Beach area Walk in Tallinn Estonia

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