Have you ever heard of Banská Bystrica? I hadn’t before we traveled to central Europe but I’m so glad we did. We spent a lovely couple weeks there right after the Holiday.

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia Residences in Winter – Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide – 4K City Walks:

I hurt my knee skiing in the area and my lovely wife @TravelingMel has taken on my walking duties. She’ll be walking the rest of the Slovakia walks and Vienna and has gotten very good at them. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia Residences Virtual Walk Treadmill City Guide and Tour is a free city walking tour of Banská Bystrica, SK. Banska Bystrica, Slovakia is not on the main tourist route in the country but it’s a lovely town with a small but friendly old town center.

Citizens look at young child in Banska Bystrica Slovakia
We love seeing little slices of life on our virtual walks.

In this treadmill walking scenery, Mel takes us through a residential and commercial area of the city. Banská Bystrica is in the Low Tatras mountains and has several ski areas nearby in the winter and lots of hiking and biking trails in the summer. I’m your tour guide on this free walking tour around downtown Banská Bystrica, SK. It’s a small, historic, beautiful city in Slovakia with a charming old town and great prices for tourists.

This particular virtual walk focuses on where locals live rather than just the old historic areas (that’s another walk). We love to find and see how people live in these places. That’s part of travel that we find enjoyable. It also helps you lose yourselves in the virtual walking tours instead of focusing on the grind of your cardio workout.

Two Women walking the streets of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia in winter
Winter can be grey in Slovakia so any color during our city tour is appreciated.

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More Info on Banská Bystrica

There are many hotels downtown Banská Bystrica that we pass by in this city sights tour. Hotels in Banská Bystrica, Hungary can be found downtown or out by the train stations and all parts of the city. There are many city sites in this city sightseeing tours and Banská Bystrica guided tours. If you choose to visit Banská Bystrica, there are many things to do and Banská Bystrica events and activities today and every day. So, sit back and check out these city sights as we tour around the Banská Bystrica tourist attractions. Wikipedia: Banská Bystrica is a city in central Slovakia located on the Hron River in a long and wide valley encircled by the mountain chains of the Low Tatras, the Veľká Fatra, and the Kremnica Mountains. With 78 327 inhabitants, Banská Bystrica is the sixth most populous municipality in Slovakia. The present town was founded by German settlers, however it was built upon a former Slavic settlement. It obtained the municipal privileges of a free royal town of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1255. The copper mining town acquired its present picturesque look in the Late Middle Ages when the prosperous burghers built its central churches, mansions, and fortifications. It is the capital of the kraj (Banská Bystrica Region) and the okres (Banská Bystrica District). It is also the home of Matej Bel University. As a historical city with an easy access to the surrounding mountains, Banská Bystrica is a popular winter and summer tourist The Slovak name Banská Bystrica includes two roots: the adjective Banská from Slovak baňa – mine, and the name of the local river Bystrica (from Slavic bystrica – swift stream). The name of the town in Hungarian: “Besztercebánya” also comes from the Beszterce stream (from the Slavic name of the stream, Bystrica), and the suffix bánya is connected to the mines of the town. The river lent its name to the town as early as 1255 when the Latin name Villa Nova Bystrice (meaning “New Town of Bystrica”) was recorded in the document in which King Béla IV of Hungary granted the town royal privileges.

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