4K City Walks: Edinburgh, Scotland To Royal Botanical Gardens – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

Today’s treadmill travel tour starts off just near where the last walking video takes off (Walking Through Edinburgh to the Royal Botanical Gardens), near the Royal Yacht Britannia. From their we walk back up through Leith over to the Royal Botanical Gardens (where my battery runs out). But don’t worry, we walk through the Gardens in a future walk! It’s a lovely walk along the Waters of Leith walkway and through various parts of Northern Edinburgh. I hope you enjoy these treadmill virtual walking videos. Please let me know what I could do to improve, any facts I get wrong, or your thoughts and own knowledge.
I hope you enjoy this virtual treadmill walk through Edinburgh. We’ll be posting four more walks around Edinburgh in the next couple of weeks. It’s truly a beautiful city.

We’ll be posting several more walks from Edinburgh this trip over the next few days.
The First Edinburgh Walk
Edinburgh Scotland To Leith
National Museum of Scotland Walkthrough
Edinburgh Royal Botanical Gardens to Dean Village
Edinburgh Dean Village, Grass Market, and Royal Mile

These links will all be live once the scheduled posts have gone live by June 4th.


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