The River Tiber in Rome in Autumn
The light on the river Tiber in Rome is beautiful. Looks like cafes along the bank

Today’s Rome tour was another experiment where I didn’t talk. I believe it’s the last one. It also lacks subtitles. I believe next week we return to the one’s where I can’t stop nattering on. We make our way from a cute little market over to Castel Sant’Angelo and back over the River Tiber.
Filmed in November, we had a wonderful time exploring Rome.

We stayed in a vacation rental just down from Piazza Navona. In fact, it was close to just about everything. We found restaurants and gelaterias almost along every street. While we pass several fancy hotels in our other Rome Walks, for a family of four, the apartment worked best.

The smells were wonderful. We took a food tour as well which was well worth the time and money.

🇮🇹Rome Italy Walking Tour – No Talking – Virtual Treadmill Walk – 4k City Walks

The streets of Rome wind around in a myriad of directions which makes for fun exploration. After crossing over the Ponte Cavor and take a look at the Tiber River, we walk around the truly massive Supreme Court building where we find a bunch of movie production trucks. We drop by Castello San’Angelo, a refuge of last resort for many a Pope. We then merge with the crowds and walk back over the Ponte Sant’Angelo foot bridge and back into the old center. We pass the Piazza del’orologio and many restaurants, shops, pizzarias, and most importantly, gelaterias.

St Peters Basilica in Rome
St. Peters Basilica in Vatican City in Rome

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