Venice, Italy Walking Tour – Treadmill Entertainment and Virtual Walking Scenery

Explore Venice! In our final Venice walking tour of this trip, we start across the canal from the train station, Stazione Santa Lucia, and make our way through narrow “streets”, campos, over bridges, a false but pretty turn to a vaporetto stop, and finally end up at the Rialto and Rialto Bridge. Most people don’t know that the bridge is part of a larger area. Venice is such a great city. It has so much to offer the walker willing to leave the beaten paths.

Venice has been inhabited for literally centuries. While the population has decreased steadily over the past decades but it still houses many long term residents and families.

I hope you enjoy this little walk. I’d go back in a second and spend even more time there just wandering, eating, and enjoying the city. I hope you enjoy this treadmill walking scenery and walking tour.

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