TravelingMel takes us on a virtual city tour of historic Virginia City, NV

The Virtual City Walks

4K City Walks – Virginia City, NV – Historic Mining City of Nevada – Virtual Treadmill Scenery Walk

Old Red house as seen on virtual walking tour of Virginia City, Nevada
You see such unique buildings on this old west city walk.

TravelingMel moved on from California to Virginia City, NV. This historic mining city, now tourist stop located outside Reno, NV makes for a great detour. Filmed during the early part of 2020, the town lies mostly quiet. Usually, tourists fill the streets and the shops sell Old West themed merch.

An old steam tractor sits next to the boardwalk of Virgina City, Nevada on this city walks
Virtual tours of cities give us a less glossy look at these places and include details like this

Despite the commercialism, the old buildings give a sense of the wild mining days of yore. The old ramshackle storefronts used to supply miners and mining companies hoping to strike it rich extracting the Comstock lode, a rich silver deposit.

Take a walk along the 150 year old board walks and see what’s on offer in the boomtimes..
We Hope you enjoy this lovely walk through a beautiful city at the base of the Sierra Nevadas.

Churches under cloudy skies in Virginia City, Nevada
It’s easy to forget that people still live here and have a lively community

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