A beautiful day walking between monuments on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. virtual Walking tours.

The City Virtual Tour for Treadmill:

Washington DC National Mall Virtual Walk & Treadmill Tour – WWII Memorial to Lincoln Memorial – 4k – City Walks

View of Lincoln Memorial from the World War II memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC
The views and emotions conjured by the monuments of the National Mall are deep

This is the third and final walk on the National Mall and the final walk of our epic East Coast Road Trip. We visit 4 memorials in this one and it was my first visit to the World War II memorial. I found it very impressive and emotive. We also visit the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial. You will also get good views of the reflecting pool and the Washington Monument. Despite the clouds, people flocked to the Mall to experience some of the world’s most amazing free museums.

Abraham Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial from below
The Lincoln Memorial has a solemn and meaningful atmosphere

As you probably know, the National Mall is part of the National Park service. It hosts numerous national memorials and monuments. Many are famous, some are not so famous. You will also find many federal office buildings as well as some amazing museums, the US Capitol building, the White House, and the Supreme Court buildings. You can spend entire days exploring and I highly recommend you do so. The DC Metro system makes the Mall very accessible so you don’t need to drive. Parking can be a bear. I’d highly recommend either staying in the city and leaving the car at your hotel or vacation rental or staying in one of the surrounding cities with Metro access. Scooters are also available. If you do drive, they use a parking app to pay as you go.

I want to thank you all for joining us on our road trip and sharing memories and observations and that sort of thing. It was a lot of time on the road and I didn’t quite get as many walks in as I would have liked but we did have a great time sharing some new places with you. Please let me know your thoughts and memories and even corrections in the Youtube Comments. Thanks everyone and keep on Steppin’ -H

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