The Treadmill Walking Video:

This is a very nice one, IMO. I’m taking you on a virtual treadmill tour of Natural Bridge Falls in Montana.

Virtual Nature Walk – 4k60 – Natural Bridge Falls in Montana – Virtua Treadmill Trails Tour

Iced over River
Iced over river at Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is a limestone formation where the Boulder river falls through a limestone tunnel and flows out the side of a cliff face into an ice pool below. We start at the bottom by the falls and then work our way around treacherous snowy trails back up to the top, across a bridge, and over to some overlooks. It’s a short one but pretty. I hope you enjoy it. -H

Water flowing out of rock wall
The outlet from the river above.

You can get here via Big Timber which for which we also have a virtual walking tour.
Exploring Little Town of Big Timber, Montana

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