4K City Walks: West Yellowstone, Montana in Winter and 360 VR

Sorry for the audio. Still figuring that one out.
This week I’m walking through the Yellowstone National Park gateway town of West Yellowstone during the winter season. In winter the town hosts visitors focused on snowmobiling and cross country skiing. The small city on the border of the park gets a tremendous amount of snow making these activities possible. The Madison River is just out of site and flows along the parks edge as well. We stayed in the Brandin’ Iron Hotel because it’s affordable and has fantastic internet. I’ve done the last few walks using a 360 camera because it is fun but I still have to figure out a good audio solution. The 360 VR allows you, the viewer, to scroll around the scene and get a better look at the locations. Please let me know if you prefer this option or the standard 2d option of previous videos in the comments below. Thanks for watching and see you next time from Jackson, WY

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