White Sulphur Video for Treadmill

aerial view of White Sulphur Springs, Montana
A view from the sky on another winter day.

Explore quaint but cold White Sulphur Springs, Montana. We like including small towns in our virtual tours of cities collections. Partially, that’s because that’s what we have around here. Also, they have a lot of charm and character.

White Sulphur Springs Montana – 4K City Walks – Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill Walk – Walking Tour

The winter weather has certainly turned as we take a virtual walking tour of the little town of White Sulphur Spring, MT. It’s cold and Montana can seem bleak in winter. The snow was falling and it was wet and sloppy but at least the wind wasn’t so bad. We’re expecting much colder temperatures this week but for now, it’s nice enough to explore the town. This treadmill scenery walk covers nearly all of White Sulphur . It is a small town after all. If you ever get a chance to visit, make sure to take the time for a quick soak. WSP is located between Livingston and Great Falls and not far from Showdown Ski Area and the Smith River and many floaters load up on ice and beer and possibly spend the night before taking of on their float trip.

people soaking in hot springs
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Hot Springs on a cold snowy day.

You can also find a good burger and a beer Two Basset or, in the evenings, check out the speak easy on main. I hope you enjoy this snowy virtual walking tour of White Sulphur Springs.

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White Sulphur Springs is a small city in and the county seat of Meagher County, Montana (pronounced Mawher for some reason). The population was 939 in 2010. The center of population of Montana is located in White Sulphur Springs. No one can put a finger on why the word Sulphur is spelled the way that it is. The traditional, scientific North American spelling is “sulfur” while the spelling “sulphur” is usually reserved for non-scientific and non-North American spellings. With the town squarely in the middle of North American some wonder if it was a typo and that it should be White Sulfur Springs. There is a strong swell of support that is accepting both spellings on official documents.

The White Sulphur Springs Castle
The “Castle” sits on the north edge of town.

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