Walk through little Whitehall, MT and see small town America

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Whitehall, Montana Walking Tour of – 4K City Walks – Virtual Travel Walking Treadmill Walk

We are taking Another winter virtual walk. It’s cold and snowy and we are headed west along Interstate 90 in below zero temps. It was -10F as I drove through Bozeman. Whitehall, Montana has a population of just 1000 people. It sits at the head of a beautiful valley that stretches down to Dillon.

Main street buildings in Whitehall, MT
Classic small town main street businesses

This is fly fishing country. The blue ribbon trout streams of the famous Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Madison Rivers all flow within one hour of Whitehall. The Jefferson, Ruby and Boulder come within a stone’s throw of the city limits as well. That’s great access in warmer weather. It’s also a good jumping off point to go see Lewis and Clark Caverns.
Home with covered porch in snow in Whitehall, MT during a virtual walking tour
I love a good covered porch

I chose Whitehall because they have painted several Lewis and Clark themed murals around the little town. Though some are muted, it’s still cool that they’ve dressed up their town. These little towns have a lot of character and are all unique in their own way. They tend to have a fair amount of community spirit. I also found the fun little trailer in the thumbnail and enjoyed its color contrasted with the snow.
A mural in winter of Lewis  and Clark expedition as seen on a city tour
Some good murals around Whitehall, MT

The snow from early last week still sits on the streets and we have some pretty slippery walking during this city walk. But, at least the wind isn’t blowing to hard and I was dressed for the weather. I hope you enjoy this cold weather walking video for exercise. Keep on Steppin’ -H

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