Today was a cold but not frigid day. Despite the cold, it’s actually warmer than normal. Let me take you on a virtual walking tour up snowy Deep Creek.

Video for Treadmill Walk:

Winter Virtual Nature Walk for Treadmill – Deep Creek in Paradise Valley, MT – 4K City Walks

Snowy view of Paradise Valley on our virtual tour
The lens doesn’t quite capture the grandeur of Paradise Valley on our Virtual Treadmill Walk

Let’s take a winter walk up Deep Creek. I actually filmed a walk up this way back in June of 2021. The seasons have changed, of course, and this day I had overcast and windy weather. I start at the trail head and get some nice views back over Paradise Valley. Then, our virtual walking tour takes you up a switchback trail and through two Forest Service gates. The path is snowy so watch your step. I notice a few details including some left over rose hips, dark red and shriveled against the white snow.

Young new pines amongst fire killed dead trees in Deep Creek valley on our virtual walk
I love looking through the trees at the peaks in the snowy haze. So eerie.

As I make our way over in to the canyon I enter an area that burned back in about 2012. Young, new pines are racing to see who will get the bulk of the sunlight in 20 years. They are densely packed in amongst the standing dead fall trunks. As I make our way down towards the creek the wind drops away and you begin to hear the water rushing over the rocks. I take a moment at the creek to give you a closer look at the ice structures that have formed. It’s a quick walk up to the bridge where I give you another close look at the creek and up into the mountains before signing off.

The foot bridge over Deep Creek with dead trees and snow on a virtual walk
This is just beyond our stopping point. You get an idea of the fire’s breadth.

I hope you like these virtual tours and treadmill walks. I’m not sure where we’ll walk next, but until then, Keep on Steppin’ -H

Virtual Walking Tour Route Map:

Deep Creek Virtual Walking tour Route Map
Route map of our Treadmill walking tour from MyTracks app

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Deep Creek on snowy day flowing through deadfall trees on virtual treadmill walking video
A nice pano view of the valley.

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