Take another winter nature walk in the mountains of Montana

Woodbine Falls Trail Virtual Walk – Virtual Walking Trails for Treadmill – Montana 4K City Walks

Majestic but frozen! That’s the summary of Woodbine Falls this time of year. This walk has a relaxing forest vibe for treadmill walking scenery. The trailhead actually lies inside the campground but The National Forest Service has closed it for the season so we start our virtual walking trails for treadmill at the gate. It has the benefit of a view up and down the Stillwater river, choked with ice sculpted by the flowing water.

The actual trailhead lies inside the campground as we continue our virtual hike for treadmill. Our virtual walk takes us along woodbine creek and over a small footbridge that I later filmed for @Amazing Nature Relaxation channel. We then move on to the falls with some wonderful views and wind in the trees. We enter the Absaroka Beartooth Wilderness area for a short stint to the falls before returning on the same trail with different views. Virtual walking trails give you great exercise and virtual travel experiences. At City Walks we try to make them helpful for you. We appreciate any personal comments or constructive feedback on these walking tours and walking trails. We enjoy making these scenic walking videos for treadmill and we hope they bring a little positivity to your workout routine or relaxation time.

You can reach the trailhead about an hour south of Columbus on hwy 78 then take a right on 419 after Absarokee. You will pass the Stillwater mine and it’s only a couple miles of pot holed road further. This hiking scenery and nature trail was actually filmed after the Stillwater Trail hike (see below). I’m splitting up the outbound and return hike on the schedule for a little variety. I hope you enjoy this treadmill walking scenery. My legs are still tired from filming this series of treadmill video!

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