4K Yellowstone Walks: Boiling River Hot Springs – Yellowstone – Virtual Walk Walking Treadmill Video

Please NOTE: due to Covid and recent Yellowstone Flooding, this trail and the hot springs are no longer open or accessible.
In 4K City Walks: Boiling River Hot Springs – Yellowstone Park Virtual Walking Treadmill Video we take you down to the Northern option for yellowstone Entrances, the Gardiner entrance, and we walk out to the bathing area known as the “boiling river”. It’s a windy cold day with about a one mile walk return trip. The boiling river is the area around where the super heated water that does not emerge at Mammoth hot springs yellowstone, flows out of the rock and into the Gardner river. Every year, people pile rocks up to capture the hot water and keep the cold river water out, well mostly. This leaves several areas where visitors can sit and bath in the hot water. It can be tricky to find the magic spot where you aren’t getting scalded AND you aren’t freezing. Every spring, runoff closes the river and washes away much fo the rocks forming the pools. There is no alcohol allowed, nor nudity or crude behavior. They are open from 7 a.m to 6 p.m and park rangers do check. There are two parking lots and a pit toilet. No parking is allowed along the road nearby and the springs do get crowded. We highly recommend going early or late and during the weekdays.
It can be a real treat to sit in the river in january while the snow flies and bison or elk graze nearby. Eagles fly over and other animals may visit. This thermal area can get quite hot as some natural hot springs can. Also see other walk around Yellowstone mammoth hot springs at dawn.

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